GF Baking Courses

Gluten Free Baking Courses

Come and join me on one of my Gluten Free Baking courses.
I know from experience that homemade cakes and bakes taste so good when you have made them yourself. Now with my Gluten Free Courses, you can do that.

We cook all the products in a Dedicated Gluten-Free Kitchen.
We have a maximum of three students in the kitchen so the courses will be informal, with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and I will always have time to help you with any problems that may occur.

We use domestic ovens so it’s easier to recreate the bakes at home. The course is very hands on. All the ingredients you will need will be supplied. You will take home everything you make. I will supply a light lunch and refreshments of tea and coffee throughout the day.

When you leave the course you will have the confidence and knowledge to recreate the cakes and bakes at home using the recipe and worksheets provided for you. Your family and friends will not be able to tell its gluten free it’s that good.

You can always contact me after the course if you have an questions or teething problems about the recipes or recreating the bakes

You can choose from one of our courses below.

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