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20th October 2015

Beware of the Gluten Gremlins

Avoiding the bakery and saying no to pizza is hard enough, but gluten is sneaky and also chooses its hiding places in foods that you wouldn’t necessarily expect. But fear not, we have listed 9 foods that you should be aware of and should take extra care to ensure that it is gluten free! Sausages Many sausages contain rusk, which is made from wheat. However, there are many gluten free […]
24th August 2015

So, You Need To Be Gluten-free?

So, You Need To Be Gluten-free So you have just found out that you are gluten intolerant or a coeliac. It’s overwhelming, isn’t it? A rush of emotions. Here is something you need to accept: things are going to change. Flashback to nine years ago I was going through the same thing as you. The start of my gluten free lifestyle wasn’t exactly an easy time. It put pressure on […]